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The Mikasaya is built in the spa of Kan nawa where Ippen, a famous Buddhist priest opened a place of hot-spring therapy in 13th century. Therefore, there are many and high quality of public bath houses in this Kan nawa.The hot spring heals your mind and body.

We recommend you to have some local meals cooked with the natural steam from the ground. Please ask the house staff where to go, what to see and what to eat during your stay.

Ryokan Mikasaya

Enjoy three kinds of baths made of bamboos, rocks and stones ! One is an open-air bath and others are common bathrooms in house.You can also choose one of those room rates  with breakfast or with no meals.

Ryokan Mikasaya

Accommodation Type





Ohita, Kyushu


1 kumi, Ida, Kan nawa, Beppu, Ohita


( From Ohita Airport )
Ohita Airport Beppu Kita Hama [ approximately 30 minutes by airport shuttle bus ]

[ Change for Kan nawa Onsen, Ohita Koutsu Bus ] Beppu Kita Hama Kan nawa Onsen

[ approximately 20 minutes by Ohita Koutsu Bus ]

( From Beppu station, Japan Railways )
Beppu station Kan nawa Onsen [ approximately 20 minutes by Ohita Koutsu Bus ]


E-mail Address

Telephone / Facsimile

Telephone: 0977-66-0438
Facsimile: 0977-66-4008

Check-in Time

From 3:00 p.m.

Check-out Time

To 10:00 a.m.


Common bathrooms in the house are filled with 100% pure and natural hot spring that contains iron and salt. It is said to be effective in a neuralgia, a rheumatism, a backache, a functional disorder of body, women's diseases and so on if you have such a bath sufficiently.


You can use one of common bathrooms as a private one after your reservation. No additional charge is required.


What's Nearby

Jigoku Tour ( Japanese language web site )
Jigoku means a hell in Japanese language. There is a famous and popular tourist spot to see the eruption of a geyser. As the scenery of eruption looks like a hell, this spot is called Jigiku. It takes approximately 30 minutes from the house by bus.


〇Jigoku steem food
The Jigoku steaming dish can be experienced.
It is very delicious!!
Please try by all means.


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